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I have heard so much about these two products from The Balm I thought it was about time I gave them a go.  I don’t actually own many powdered highlighters so I desperately wanted to try the Mary-Lou Manizer.  This is a beloved product among the beauty community and now I know why, it is a beautiful shimmer that is very finely milled so there are no large chunks of shimmer.  I would say this a subtle shimmer so it looks quite natural which is lovely.  No disco balls going on here!

Mary-Lou Manizer and Instain Long Wearing Blush in Toile

Mary-Lou Manizer and Instain Long Wearing Blush in Toile

The second product is the Instain Long Wearing Staining Powder in Toile.  Wowzer this blush is pigmented!  No wonder they call it a stain!  The first time I used it I definitely felt a clown vibe going on, but once I got used to using a small amount of product I really enjoyed it.  In the photo it looks like a bright red however, it is definitely a peach shade which is beautiful.  Also if you want a product that lasts all day, this is it.

I would definitely recommend these products!  Plus they are quite economical, they are both highly pigmented so they will last for ever!  Just another reason to go out and buy them!

I also just want to make a quick apology for the less than brilliant quality of the photos.  It’s a very overcast day so the lighting was not ideal.

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