Winter Nails



I absolutely love wearing deep and dark shades on my nails in the winter months, in fact I often wear them in summer too.  What a rebel!  So when I found this deep red colour (it is a deeper shade in real life) whilst doing some shopping on Adore Beauty I knew I had to add it to my collection.  I had seen the brand Nails Inc pop up on a few beauty blogs and Vivianna Does Makeup had raved about this brand’s shade Porchester Square so I knew it must be worth a go.  This shade is Kensington High St and is part of their Gel Effect range which is supposed to give you a high shine super glossy finish without the UV light.  This was a big promise but my gosh did it pay off!  The finish of this is definitely as promised leaving a high shine and glossy finish, although I did still use a top coat but I believe it would have been sufficient without one.


This polish also lasts an extremely long time without chipping,   This photo was taken after a full week of wearing it and there is only a slight chip on my index finger, who doesn’t want this kind of long lasting nail polish?!  Finally, the last brilliant thing about this nail polish is that you do not need to return to the salon to get it removed, it comes off easily with nail polish remover. Bonus!  So another great nail polish to add to my collection and I think it’s safe to say this one will be on my nails for quite a while.

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