Morning Skincare Regime



I love seeing what skincare products people use on a day to day basis so I thought I would post my morning skincare routine in the hopes that you enjoy it!  My goal in life is to be able to feel confident that my skin is looking amazing and I think with the combination of these products I am almost there!

I have been going to the same beautician for around two years and she has done absolute wonders to my skin.  She has been able to get my redness to reasonable level and before I started seeing her I could of run a car of the amount of oil on my face, so I thank her very much for the products that she has introduced me to.  I’ll start with my face wash; ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub, I know many people would say it isn’t advisable to exfoliate daily however, this is so gentle that it is not going to do any damage whatsoever.  This scrub is my favourite scrub or cleanser I have ever used, its little sandy particles gently scrub away any dead skin leaving you with a fresh glow and who doesn’t want that?  Next up is the Philosophy Total Matteness Toner, I would say this is a major factor in keeping my oil in control, I don’t know how it does it but it works!  The Alpha H Instant Facial is an absolute marvel, it has completely changed the texture of my skin leaving it nice and smooth as well as clear.  Next is the ASAP Super B Complex Serum.  This is another wonder it has completely controlled my redness, and also helped with the oiliness and it hydrates my skin so there is no excess sebum being produced.  Thank god for that product.  Finally it is the ASAP Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser, this is a beautiful thin moisturiser which sinks into the skin beautifully.  I use this all year round, it’s thin enough to use in summer and hydrating enough to use in winter.  What a marvellous product.

So there are my morning skin care products!  I know there are a lot of ASAP products which is a bit boring but they really work for my skin so I say go with what works!

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