Disappointing Products


Now you might think that this is a little bit of a negative post but I absolutely love reading and watching posts about disappointing products.  I really think they’re a good idea, it often saves me money on products that I would have bought so I thought it might save you as well.  These are entirely my own views so if you own and love some of these products that is fantastic, its just my opinion here.

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Take It all Off Eye Makeup Remover – I got this is in a Charlotte Tilbury pack with eyeshadow, eyeliner and a few other bits and bobs.  Now I’m not saying that this is absolutely terrible its just doesn’t do an amazing job, to get my non waterproof mascara off I have to absolutely soak a cotton pad and rest them on my eyes for quite a long time and it still doesn’t remove it all.  As well as that the products squirts out everywhere when you try to pump it on your cotton pad.  I am using it up but I much prefer my Garner Micelar water.  Next up is Australis Highlights Mineral Face Highlighter in Pearl – Again this isn’t a shocking product it just doesn’t work well on my skin.  When I place this on my cheekbones over my foundation it separates and removes the foundation from that area.  I’m sure this would be lovely mixed in with a little bit of foundation for a very glowy look but over the top of foundation it just doesn’t work on me.  I think I’ll stick to my powder highlighters.  Sticking with the face I have MAC Face and Body in N1 – This is probably quite controversial, its a very loved product in the beauty world but for me I just don’t have that love for it.  First of all I find it quite hard to blend, its quite sticky or something, second of all I don’t find it easy to build up, I can never get the right amount of coverage I need.  Finally this isn’t an oily girls friend!  I get super shiny from it which I am definitely not a fan of for obvious reasons.  Now I’ve talked about this product in a previous post here, and mentioned that I am not a fan but I thought I would mention it here as well.  This is the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner in Mint Julep – I just really expected this eyeliner to draw a opaque line that would really striking on the top lash line however, it was really patchy and was impossible to get a smooth line so not a fan at all of that one.  Maybe I’ll like the eyeliner in another colour.  Eyebrow wise I have Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen in Universal Deepshade – I love the idea of an eyebrow pen that can draw on realistic looking hairs with a sharp texta.  However, this shade isn’t quite right, it is very cool toned turning almost grey on my skin.  It also king of seeps into my skin making it look like I have dark grey patches all over my eyebrows.  I just can’t seem to draw precise little lines without it bleeding into a blob!  Not a cool look at all!  Finally I have a skin care product, its the Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate – In winter I get these lovely little dry patches on my jaw line that look really lovely under foundation – NOT!  When I read about this product I thought it would ‘resurface’ these dry patches and make them a little bit smoother and less noticeable.  It did not.  In fact it actually made them a little bit worse, my whole skin kind of dried out even after slathering on a hydrating serum and hydrating night cream.  I’ve used this for over a month now and I’m just not getting any results which is disappointing as I love Ren products!

So there you go, some products that I just haven’t been able to get along with.  Have you tried any of these products?  How have they been for you?

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