First Time in the Sydney Sephora!

Sephora has been in Sydney since December last year and as a beauty blogger you must be thinking – how the heck have you not been in there yet?  A very valid question!  When Sephora first opened I was overseas and was very disappointed not to be one of the first in there and as I was in Singapore which also has Sephora I went crazy in there instead – I actually have two blog posts on what I purchases in Singapore here and here.  So as that was the case I for some reason took my sweet old time getting there, but last week I managed to get into the city and spend a small fortune!  I have to tell you I am so, so, so excited that all of those brilliants brands are in one convenient store especially as some of those were a nightmare to get in Australia!


Here’s what I got!  I started with the new Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation in B20 – This sounded like my kind of foundation as soon as I read about it – highly pigmented, lightweight and long lasting so I knew I had to rush out and get it.  It is certainly lighweight, it glides over the skin smoothing everything in its path, it also has a great pigment as it give me very decent coverage using little product.  I have used this a couple of times now including long days at work and uni and it really does last!  Apart from a little bit of oil breakthrough that I just blot away it doesn’t break up on my skin or disappear which is what I’m really looking for.  I actually find this a little bit similar to the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet but with a much longer lasting formula.  Overall I think this will be a fantastic foundation for me even though the price almost killed me!  Sticking with foundation I purchased the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops in N 20 – I’ve heard a lot about this little product in the beauty world and it just really intrigued me.  So the whole premise of this is that you can add a couple of drops to any foundation or tinted moisturiser to customise the coverage – what a brilliant idea, being able to add more coverage to a foundation or moisturiser!  I gave this a go by adding it to a bb cream that I love but would love if it had more coverage.  This truly worked!  I added two little drops, mixed it in and voila the perfect coverage!  I thought this product would be great in a darker shade to add to my foundation when I have fake tan on as well.  All in all a handy little product right there.

The last item I purchased was the Nails Inc VVB Victoria Beckham Collection in Bamboo White and Judo Red – to be honest I brought these for then packaging alone!  It just looks so darn pretty!  But I have genuinely heard great things about these nail polishes and as I have a couple of Nails Inc polishes I knew they would be worth it.  I’ve only used the Bamboo White at this stage and I’m in love!  It’s such a sophisticated colour that just looks effortless on the nails and is really easy to apply.  Normally I steer clear of really nude colours as they can be quite streaky and need lots of coats but it isn’t the case with this one, after two coats it was perfect.  I can’t wait to try the red now!

There you have it my first time to Sephora Sydney!  I may not have purchased a lot but my poor little wallet is looking quite sad at the moment.

Any suggestions what to pick up for my next venture to Sephora?  I’m sure it won’t be long till i’m there again!

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