Favourite Matte Lipsticks!

At heart I am a real matte lip lover, i’m not one for glosses at all i’m all about the matte!  I thought I would share with you my favourite matte lipsticks of all time.

Starting off with may favourite lip product of all time the Nars Velvet Matte Pencils –this one isa rather grubby looking Red Square –   can you tell I love this a one? I just absolutely love this formula, they are so easy to apply and very creamy so not too drying on the lips.  I have MANY different colours and have actually written an entire post about these beauties here but I always go back to the shade red square, it is just a beautiful orangy red that really makes a statement.  Next up is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – this one is in Ole’ Flamingo.  These are a liquid lipstick that dries to a matte finish, I just love the way that these apply as well as the stunning colours they have! Ole’ Flamingo is a beautiful deep pink that I got a lot of wear out of in summer.  I often head for these when I’m rushed for time and just to a simple eye and slick this on as I know it will last all day or night.  Again I have a few shades of this one but I would have to say Ole’ Flamingo is my favourite.  I have mentioned the NYX Matte Lipstick in Audrey in previous posts as well, I just think this is the perfect drugstore lip formula!  It’s not drying, has lots of pigment and this shade in particluar goes with everything, I get so much wear out of it.  Keeping with drugstore lippies the Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balms are another brilliant drugstore lipstick.  This one is in the shade Showy a bright pink that always adds a nice pop to a look.  Now these aren’t as long lasting as the previous product and do require reapplying but they are just nice and creamy and with the wind up stick they are very convenient.  Finally I couldn’t go past MAC Matte Finish Lipsticks – this one is in the shade Pink Nouveau, this is a little more pinky than NYX Audrey but I still use it as an everyday lipstick, plus it lasts a bit longer than Audrey!  Mac lipsticks are just heaven, they last a really long time as well as well as being incredibly pigmented.  This shade was one of the first MAC lip products I purchased and this is my second tube of it!  It just such a great universal pink that looks fantastic when I have a bit of a smokey eye, it just adds little bit of colour without taking focus away from the eyes.  Great work MAC!

As you may be able to tell I love me some pink lipstick!  The last three look rather similar but do serve different purposes and it will not stop my from buying more pink lipsticks!

So there you go my favourite matte lipsticks!  What do you think of my choices?  Do you have any that I might be missing?

7 thoughts on “Favourite Matte Lipsticks!

  1. That mac lipstick looks so so pretty! Might be needing that. Love your blog would be great if you could check out mine xxx


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