Flawless Natural Base


I’ve been trying to go for a bit more of a natural base lately.  I mean I still love a full coverage matte foundation but on a day to day base I’ve been wanting to go for a bit of a lighter look.  To achieve this I’ve been using my favourite tinted moisturiser the Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturiser in Light Medium – this is a lovely light texture yet it still has a fair bit of coverage.  Like the original Tarte full coverage foundation it performs some sort of miracle on the skin, it has lots of coverage yet feels feather light on your skin which is exactly what I want.  Now that I’ve said that it has a decent amount of coverage I still feel like it could use just a touch more to really hide my redness so I add one to two drops of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in N20 – this is one of the best products I have purchased in a long time!  It is just pure pigment so it adds so much more coverage to anything!  I haven’t tried these with a regular moisturiser yet but when I add it to this tinted moisturiser it really just adds that extra little kick to it.  This added coverage also means I don’t have to use any extra concealer on my face which always saves time.  So what I do with these is put a blob of the Tarte on the back of my hand then add one to two drops of the Cover FX, depending on how my skin is looking that day, and mix them together.  I then apply this all with the Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki brush – this really buffs the product into the skin which again makes it have that natural look, instead of sitting on top of the skin it really sinks in and becomes a part of your skin.  I just top this off with some concealer under the eyes and some translucent powder to set everything and my base is done!

What are your go to flawless base products?

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