Disappointing Products


Before I get started on this post I just want to make a little disclaimer – I am not saying that any of these products are necessarily bad, it is just that they didn’t really work out for me.  So of you may really love these product and I really wanted to but I just didn’t get along with them.  So with that being said I actually really enjoy watching and reading disappointing product posts, the kind of give me an idea of what to try and if I’ve been looking at purchasing a product it sometimes saves me some precious money!

Let’s get down to it.  First up is Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleaner – This wasn’t a shocking product by no means but it was just kind of bland, it didn’t do a particularly brilliant job of taking off makeup wish is really what I bought it for, even after double cleansing I still found I had makeup left on my face.  It also left a very waxy residue on my face which wasn’t a particularly pleasant feeling.  I did plan to use this up but in the end I just couldn’t put up with it.  Sticking with skincare I purchased an overnight mask, its the Nude Advanced Renewal Overnight Repair Mask – I purchased this instead of sticking with my favourite Origins overnight mask and boy am I disappointed.  I put this onto freshly cleansed skin before I go to bed and massage it into my face as it says but when I wake up in the morning my face feels very dry and patch, I think it’s not creamy enough or something but my skin does not get along with it which is a real shame as it wasn’t cheap!  Another skincare item which is more aimed at tanning I suppose is the St Tropez Self Tan Sensitive Bronzing Lotion Face – I don’t really like using the body tan for my face as it really dries it out so I purchased this in the hopes that it wouldn’t dry my face out and as for sensitive skin I thought it wouldn’t aggravate my redness.  Now it didn’t do either of these things but it also didn’t tan my face, I did not even notice a hint of a tan.  I suppose if I used this over a few days it might make a difference but I don’t really like to stray from my nighttime routine for too long.

Now on to the makeup portion of this post.  First up is a very new product which really disappoints me it’s the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy in Precious Petal – I was really excited to try out their version of a liquid lipstick however, as soon as I really tried it out I was disappointed.  It was really patchy on my lips, definitely not opaque so I tried with a liner underneath and it still looked really patchy.  It also didn’t last very long which I’ve never really encountered with a liquid lipstick.  Now this wasn’t cheap so I don’t think I will be purchasing another one thats for sure.  I have been on the lookout for an amazing gel liner for a long time and I thought I would give a drugstore one a go so I purchased the Rimmel Gel Liner in Black – At first I really enjoyed this, it was really black and matte which is brilliant and went on very something however, after a few uses it started to dry up now I am alway really careful to put the lid back on straight away after I use them as I know they dry up easily so this was a real shock when it dried up so quickly.  Finally I have a product that I never thought would feature in a  disappointing products post, it’s the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom in Very Black – If you have ever read anything from my blog I’m pretty sure a covergirl mascara has featured in a post at least once a week.  I am obsessed with the Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions, I going to call it may favourite ever mascara so I thought I would love this mascara but unfortunately I didn’t, I feel like it didn’t really get all of my lashes, it just kind of barely coated them.  Now I know this is supposed to be a super natural looking mascara but I think it might be a little bit too natural for me.

So there we have it, some unfortunately disappointing products.  Have you tried any of these?  I would love to know if you had any success with them?

Sarah xxx

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