Conceal This


I’m calling it – concealer is my best friend.  I honestly don’t know what I would do with out it!  With my dark circles and redness my face would be an absolute mess if I didn’t have it in my arsenal.  So this post is going to go through my favourite concealers and what I use them for.

First up is Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer – I would die without this concealer, or more like I would look dead without this concealer.  This is a salmon toned corrector that does most of the covering up of my extreme dark circles, I use a small amount of this on the most effected areas and blend it in with a beauty blender.  It’s quiet a thick paste so the beauty blender really thins it out and makes it look a bit less intense.  On top of this I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser – This is a beauty world favourite and boy oh boy do I agree, its extremely light so it doesn’t cake which is definitely what you want with your under eye area.  I use this over the Napoleon one which is works brilliantly to cover up the remaining dark circles and is light enough to add a bit of a highlighted look.  Another under eye concealer that I love is the Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Medium Beige – This is a heavy duty concealer, its super thick and covers up anything you can imagine.  I mainly use this when I’m in a real hurry and need to quickly cover up my dark circles, I pop just a little bit in the darkest area and lightly blend it out.  This doesn’t cover up my dark circles completely but it does a pretty good job.  A lighter version of all of these under eye correctors is the Napoleon Perdis Mighty Concealer Pen in Pink Beige – This is a super lightweight corrector that has a pinky tone to it, I mainly use this for those no makeup makeup days, I apply a thin layer under my eyes blend it out and then follow up the Maybelline Dark Circle Eraser.  This combination doesn’t look cakey at all, it definitely looks natural but it does show a little bit of my dark circles showing through.

The last two are what I consider face concealers.  First up is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Classic Beige – I know a lot of people in the beauty world use this under their eyes but it just ain’t strong enough for me.  This is a beautifully light concealer that adds that extra little bit of coverage to redness and spots that foundation may have missed.  I tend to use this around my nose, on my jawline where I also get redness and a little bit on my forehead.  As it’s quite think it doesn’t cake up however, it isn’t the most long lasting concealer in the world so I tend to keep this for short days or very casual days.  Finally I have the Elf Maximum Coverage Concealer in Nude – This is quite heavy duty so it covers a lot!  I mean I probably wouldn’t call this maximum coverage but it definitely does the job.  I use this in the same areas as the Rimmel one and it lasts brilliantly, I use this on long days and definitely nights out.  Again it isn’t cakey at all but I tend to blend this in with a beauty blender so I get that incredibly flawless look.

So there you have it my myriad of concealer that will cover anything you wish.  What concealers are your favourites?

Sarah xxx

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August Favourites


I know I say it every month but I cannot believe August is over!  I have mixed emotions about this year going so quickly, on one hand it means I will have finally graduated university and will then be heading to Europe which is very exciting.  On the other hand it means uni is over and I have to enter the real world and get a grown up job and do grown up things!  No! But then on another hand again I will hopefully be earning real money and just think of all the amazing beauty items I can buy with that money!  Anyway back to August favourites, this month has been pretty busy with uni and travelling between that and work has been a lot.  At least with being this buys I have had a lot of makeup days which means a fair few makeup favourites so lets start.

First up is a hair favourite, it’s the Toni & Guy Rough Texturiser Spray – at the moment I have a shortish bob that really lends itself to a few curls and a lot of texture so after going through my hair with a curling wand I spray my hair thoroughly with the texture spray that gives it that nice lived in feel.  Next up is a foundation that promised a lot and certainly delivered, it’s the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation – this promises to be long lasting as well as feather light on the skin and boy dies it deliver on both!  This has been my go to foundation at the moment as it is super easy to apply, I just swipe the convenient applicator across my face a few times and quickly blend tin with a brush.  This foundation is one of those very watery products that dries to powder, this is a hint that it dries matte which is a bonus for my oily skin.  It also lasts an extremely long time, I’ve really tested this out on one of my long days full on trains and walking and it really stands up to the stress, no caking and minimal shine!  Sticking with the face I have really been enjoying the Bobbi Brown Blush in Sand Pink – I recently wrote about this in my make me blush post and I honestly forgot how beautiful and natural it looked, I’ve really been getting some use out of on days that I don’t want too much makeup on and just want a very subtle flush.  It’s also matte so it really just looks like you’ve been standing out in the cold for a little bit.  Im always on the search for a perfect eyebrow product so when the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Medium/Dark came out I knew I needed to give it a go.  Now I thoroughly enjoyed Benefit’s gimme brow so when this came out I was hoping that this would be my drugstore answer, now it isn’t exactly the same but in some ways I think I like it better.  The brush is slightly bigger which isn’t really a bother but what I like most about this is its holding power!  I have quite unruly brows so this really keeps them in place without being too crunchy, another bonus is the size, this is much bigger than the benefit one so it will last me a hell of a lot longer.  To the lips now, so I’m officially a lip gloss convert and after some suggestions from you lovely readers I headed over to the NYX stand and checked their glosses out.  I settled on the NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake – These glosses are super buttery like the name suggests and not one bit sticky, thank god. This colour is also perfect for me, it’s that beautiful combination of pink and brown, very natural and very wearable.  I also just love the fact that I can slap this on without needing a mirror.  If I want to step it up a notch I pair it with MAC’s Whirl lip pencil which just adds an extra bit of oomph.  Finally I have a nail favourite, it’s the Maybelline Colour Show in Pinkalicious – This is just a really pretty muted neon pink shade which is really making me look forward to spring!  Now the formula is great to apply yet it doesn’t really last that long, I put this on my nails on Saturday and it started chipping by Monday so not a great wear length but for price I’m not too mad.

So there you go another month another favourites.  What have been your favourites in August?

Sarah xxx

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