May Favourites!


It’s that time of the month, favourites time!  May has been a quiet month but it hasn’t stopped me from finding a few things to love!


First up is a product I bought this month and already love it!  Its the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation in B20 – this foundation is just so smoothing on the skin as well as being super super easy to apply.  It also lasts all dang day which is what I’m really looking for in a foundation.  There has been a bit of fuss about the amount of alcohol in the product but to be honest I haven’t noticed it doing anything abnormal to my skin.  I honestly think this will be a favourite for a long time.  Next up is something I bought in India to try and fix my dehydrated skin but when I got home I kind of forgot about it.  It’s The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-oil –  Over the last month when my skin was feeling particularly scaly I pulled this one out and it has made an amazing difference!  I use it at night after my other serums and it just sinks in the skin and I wake up with beautiful soft and plump skin.  Lips wise I haven’t been able to stop wearing the YSL Volute Tint- in -Oil in No 5 Cherry My Cherie – this one is unique to me, I am normally not a gloss girl however, I thought the oil would be a real help in the winter months.  This is beautifully nourishing and leaves a lovely bright pink tint behind.  I wear this a lot to uni or work when I don’t want to be reapplying lipstick all day.


Eyes wise I have been sticking to a simple look of Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Latte and Rimmel Gel Eyeliner in Black – I use Latte through my crease to get some definition and then smudge a thin line of the Rimmel liner on the top lash line.  This is just a great classic look that looks amazing on anyone plus it doesn’t matter what lipstick I wear with it whether it be nude or bright.  Finally I’ve been switching up my eyebrow products a lot lately and I’ve rediscovered my Natio Brow Kit in Light Medium – I used to use this religiously, which you can probably tell by the state of it, its just a simple powder but it just really seems to work on my brows.  It comes in two shades as well which is great for me as I seem to change my hair colour a lot!  I don’t use the wax that comes with it anymore I normally just add a clear gel over the top.  I just think this is a brilliant product at such a good price!

So there you go, May favourites!  What have been your favourites this month?

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Glorious Face Masks

 Korean skin care has been getting some major traction in the beauty world lately so I though I would share with you some of the Korean sheet masks I have plus a few other face masks that I couldn’t live without.

Recently my mum and dad had a little trip to Singapore so of course I put my order in and this time I wanted to try some skincare considering how much makeup I bought when I was in Singapore.  So I asked mum to head to Etude House to pick up some of their sheets masks.  I had heard a lot about sheet masks and used a couple but after Lisa Eldridge raved about them I knew I had to try more.  These ones from Etude House come in large range for any skin concerns, I mainly focussed on hydrating and smoothing for my oily/combination skin.  I really wanted to concentrate on smoothing and hydrating my dry patches that I get in winter, they are the absolute bane of my existence.  I have a little selection in this photo and have already tried the pomegranate and olive ones, they really did hydrate and smooth my skin, my skin looked so fresh and supple.  To be honest these sheet masks look super freaky when they’re on your face, they are a white cotton sheet (hence the name) that just has cut outs for your eyes and mouth as I said super freaky!  But they work so I love them!

As well as the sheet masks my mum picked me up some eye masks, how cute are those little cucumber ones!  The first ones are Anti Dark Circle Eye Pads from Color Combos Skin – I have yet to try these but I’m very intrigued, I have some serious dark circles so if these work I’ll be in heaven!  The cute little cucumber ones are Cooling Cucumber Pads from Skin Lite – again I haven’t tried these but they’re so cute I don’t want to open them!  I’ve been flat chat with uni at the moment which means late nights and early morning so some cooling eye pads might be just what I need!

Moving away from the Korean skin care I thought I would share my other favourite face masks.  First up is one that is fairly new to be but that I fell in love with instantly!  It’s the Origins Overnight Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – I got this one after I got back from India and my skin was in desperate need of moisture!  I use this after cleansing before I go to bed and then wake up with soft plumped and supple skin.  I tend to use this about 2-3 times a week depending how my skin is feeling, its just an absolute miracle worker.  I will definitely be repurchasing this one.  Next up is an absolute beauty world favourite its the Aesop Parsley Seed Clarifying Mask – This is absolute perfection in a tube, I don’t know how it does it but it smooths and clears my skin and someone shrinks my pores slightly!  Again I use this about 2 times a week and I often follow it up with either a sheet mask or the Origins mask to give my skin a real treat.

What are you favourite masks?  I’m still fairly new to the mask game so If you have any suggestion please let me know!

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Disappointing Products


Now you might think that this is a little bit of a negative post but I absolutely love reading and watching posts about disappointing products.  I really think they’re a good idea, it often saves me money on products that I would have bought so I thought it might save you as well.  These are entirely my own views so if you own and love some of these products that is fantastic, its just my opinion here.

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Take It all Off Eye Makeup Remover – I got this is in a Charlotte Tilbury pack with eyeshadow, eyeliner and a few other bits and bobs.  Now I’m not saying that this is absolutely terrible its just doesn’t do an amazing job, to get my non waterproof mascara off I have to absolutely soak a cotton pad and rest them on my eyes for quite a long time and it still doesn’t remove it all.  As well as that the products squirts out everywhere when you try to pump it on your cotton pad.  I am using it up but I much prefer my Garner Micelar water.  Next up is Australis Highlights Mineral Face Highlighter in Pearl – Again this isn’t a shocking product it just doesn’t work well on my skin.  When I place this on my cheekbones over my foundation it separates and removes the foundation from that area.  I’m sure this would be lovely mixed in with a little bit of foundation for a very glowy look but over the top of foundation it just doesn’t work on me.  I think I’ll stick to my powder highlighters.  Sticking with the face I have MAC Face and Body in N1 – This is probably quite controversial, its a very loved product in the beauty world but for me I just don’t have that love for it.  First of all I find it quite hard to blend, its quite sticky or something, second of all I don’t find it easy to build up, I can never get the right amount of coverage I need.  Finally this isn’t an oily girls friend!  I get super shiny from it which I am definitely not a fan of for obvious reasons.  Now I’ve talked about this product in a previous post here, and mentioned that I am not a fan but I thought I would mention it here as well.  This is the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner in Mint Julep – I just really expected this eyeliner to draw a opaque line that would really striking on the top lash line however, it was really patchy and was impossible to get a smooth line so not a fan at all of that one.  Maybe I’ll like the eyeliner in another colour.  Eyebrow wise I have Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pen in Universal Deepshade – I love the idea of an eyebrow pen that can draw on realistic looking hairs with a sharp texta.  However, this shade isn’t quite right, it is very cool toned turning almost grey on my skin.  It also king of seeps into my skin making it look like I have dark grey patches all over my eyebrows.  I just can’t seem to draw precise little lines without it bleeding into a blob!  Not a cool look at all!  Finally I have a skin care product, its the Ren Resurfacing AHA Concentrate – In winter I get these lovely little dry patches on my jaw line that look really lovely under foundation – NOT!  When I read about this product I thought it would ‘resurface’ these dry patches and make them a little bit smoother and less noticeable.  It did not.  In fact it actually made them a little bit worse, my whole skin kind of dried out even after slathering on a hydrating serum and hydrating night cream.  I’ve used this for over a month now and I’m just not getting any results which is disappointing as I love Ren products!

So there you go, some products that I just haven’t been able to get along with.  Have you tried any of these products?  How have they been for you?

Mini Priceline Haul



Firstly I would like to apologise for not putting up a post yesterday as I would normally do.  Uni is back into full swing now and things got a little on top of me.

On Sunday I had a little bit of free time (which I should have been studying) and decided to pop into Priceline to pick up a few things.  A hundred dollars later I walked out a happy woman!  I thought I might start from the base and move to the nails, first off is the Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturing Mattifying Fliud.  I thought this moisturiser would come in very handy during summer time, it aims to keep your base matte whilst hydrating your skin at the same time so I am very excited to try this when it starts to get hot and sweaty!  Next up is the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation in 010 Ivory.  Who can walk past a foundation that offers to give you better skin?  I’ve already started using it this week and I think I’m in love so I’m going to do a separate post on this later in the week.  I also picked up the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in 32 Light Beige, I’ve heard some great things about this product and I’m always wanting something that will even out my skin tone.  I tried it on my hand and it seemed a little thick so I hope it doesn’t look too oily on my skin, but I am looking forward to trying it and I will keep you posted.

Next up are the Essence Eyebrow Designer in 02 Brown and 04 Blonde, I have seen Sharon the Makeup Artist use these pencils so I thought I would give them a go after seeing their spectacular price of two dollars!  I purchased the blonde as well just in case the brown was a little too dark.  I have always been a fan of the Covergirl mascaras especially the lash blast so I thought I would try the Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions in Black, I used this for the first time yesterday and it was amazing!  It completely separates the lashes plus adding a lot of length, it almost looked like I was wearing flash lashes!  I also love Covergirl because it is the only mascara formula that does not smudge underneath my eyes, I have even used high end mascaras that smudge so I can’t seem to go past good old Covergirl.

Now for the colour!  Vivianna Does Makeup has raved about the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velevet lip sticks so because desperately needed a new lipstick (not) I thought I would try them out.  I picked up the shades 02 Frambourjoise and 04 Peach Club, these are beautiful!  So creamy and velvety I will definitely be getting my use out of these.  Finally I thought I would try out the new Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in 420 Winning Streak and the Diamond Top Coat, they had a deal of two for twenty dollars so I got the top coat as well.  I am going to try these out later today so I will keep you posted but if they live up to their promises I will be very happy!

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Morning Skincare Regime



I love seeing what skincare products people use on a day to day basis so I thought I would post my morning skincare routine in the hopes that you enjoy it!  My goal in life is to be able to feel confident that my skin is looking amazing and I think with the combination of these products I am almost there!

I have been going to the same beautician for around two years and she has done absolute wonders to my skin.  She has been able to get my redness to reasonable level and before I started seeing her I could of run a car of the amount of oil on my face, so I thank her very much for the products that she has introduced me to.  I’ll start with my face wash; ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub, I know many people would say it isn’t advisable to exfoliate daily however, this is so gentle that it is not going to do any damage whatsoever.  This scrub is my favourite scrub or cleanser I have ever used, its little sandy particles gently scrub away any dead skin leaving you with a fresh glow and who doesn’t want that?  Next up is the Philosophy Total Matteness Toner, I would say this is a major factor in keeping my oil in control, I don’t know how it does it but it works!  The Alpha H Instant Facial is an absolute marvel, it has completely changed the texture of my skin leaving it nice and smooth as well as clear.  Next is the ASAP Super B Complex Serum.  This is another wonder it has completely controlled my redness, and also helped with the oiliness and it hydrates my skin so there is no excess sebum being produced.  Thank god for that product.  Finally it is the ASAP Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser, this is a beautiful thin moisturiser which sinks into the skin beautifully.  I use this all year round, it’s thin enough to use in summer and hydrating enough to use in winter.  What a marvellous product.

So there are my morning skin care products!  I know there are a lot of ASAP products which is a bit boring but they really work for my skin so I say go with what works!

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Holy Grail of Skincare



This little beauty is the ALPHA-H Instant Facial with Cypress and Barley.  The idea behind this product is to get the effect of a microdermabrasion or peel from home which is perfect if you don’t want to visit the salon every month.  Now I’ve been lovingly blessed with oily, open pored, red skin with some dry patches thrown in at winter for good measure – lucky me right? This product actually fixes a lot of these problems!  I’ve been using this for three weeks now and I can truly notice the difference.  The texture of my skin has dramatically changed, it is ten times softer than before and even the redness and visibility of pores have been reduced.  I have not been able to say this about a lot of skin care products I have tried over the years so you can understand why I am calling it the holy grail of skincare!

Currently I am using this both morning and night, I spray a generous amount of the product onto a cotton pad and swipe it over my face and neck.   It explains that for a more intensive treatment to not follow up with a serum or moisturiser, in winter I find this a little hard to do, my skin feels far to dry to not follow up with a moisturiser.  In summer I may just use this product without a moisturiser but I will keep you posted.

So now you know why I am loving this product!  Overall my skin has changed dramatically and have been able to easily integrate it into my everyday skincare routine, this will definitely be repurchased in the future.

To buy this product visit:  Adore Beauty or Alpha – H